Best BBQ in Allen?

Next on our list of Texas cities by population is Allen. What’s the best BBQ joint in town?

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Texas Style Barbeque


texas style barbequeThis may sound pretty arrogant, but my personal belief is that Texas Style Barbeque is the best of all bbq styles. I see it in the passion Texans have for Texas Barbeque, and I see it in the love that is put into the barbeque itself.

There is plenty of room for other BBQ Styles, and I have come across many really good ones. All are unique in their own way. But there can be only one No. 1 Barbeque, and in my book it has to be the Texas style.

What exactly is Texas style barbeque, anyway? Well, it’s mounds of sliced beef brisket, German sausage, and meaty ribs. Beef is king in Texas, so the brisket is tops in any list.

Texas bbq sauce is a spicy and tangy tomato-based sauce and is usually served on the side or lightly spooned onto the meat after cooking. It is usually not put on the meat during cooking.

Common among the Texas bbq side dishes are pinto beans, coleslaw, potato salad, friend okra, and a slice of plain white Mrs. Baird’s bread. Also, condiments like sliced pickled cucumbers or jalapeno peppers go very well with Texas barbeque.

Many of the barbeque restaurants in Texas focus much of their energy almost completely on the food. It is very common to see the barbeque served on butcher paper with paper towels and plastic utensils.

Dessert is usually a warm cobbler with whatever fruit is in season…and with a scoop of Blue Bell Ice Cream on top (Blue Bell is the best ice creamin the country. Just ask any Texan. (and they are selling it all over the country now).

The end result is always the same when Texas style barbeque is done right. It is delicious!

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Alabama white barbecue sauce

I’ve noticed lately a few more BBQ joints here in Central Texas are playing around with white barbecue sauce. That’s right: white sauce. Mayonnaise, vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and some other things, depending on the recipe. I’m a big fan. Goes so well with pulled chicken & chopped pork. I’m sure it works with brisket & sausage or anything else. Heck, drizzle it on beans. Alabama is home to white sauce, and I’m an Alabama native, so I thought I’d share this article about white sauce. Plenty of articles/videos/recipes available online. Google “Alabama white sauce.” Also, I’m curious to know where, if anywhere, you’ve seen white sauce in Texas. Let me know!

Last night's dinner from Rudy's

Picked up dinner last night from the original Rudy’s in Leon Springs. If you go there and want carry-out, there’s a dedicated carry-out area in the back. Moist brisket, baby backs, sausage, & turkey, along with beans & creamed corn.


Best BBQ in League City?

Continuing down our list of Texas cities by population, we arrive at League City. What’s the best BBQ joint in town?



Thursday's lunch at Stiles Switch

Thursday, I had lunch at Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew (Austin, TX) with my friend Frank Mancuso. Frank ordered half a pound of brisket with potato salad, and I had a sandwich with smoked turkey & chopped beef.