Are You Game For Kitesurfing Downwinder?

Going downwind is a very different experience for kitesurfers that opens up the possibility of new adventures. Downwinders have to experience the reduced power of the kite. There is no need to attach the board and the surfer can cover long distances quickly. Relaxation and good scenic beauty come complimentary to downwinders especially in kalpitiya, located on the northwestern coast of Sri Lanka.Image result for Valumpuri Resort

Learn Downwinders Skills

If you want to learn new skills and add the next level of dimension to the kitesurfing, Sri Lanka offers pocket friendly opportunities to try some tactics like two side riding and long carved turns without worrying about losing the ground.

Downwinders favorite places in kalpitiya are New Mannar to Jaffna, Vellai Island, Dream Spot, Uchamunai and Ippanthivu.

You can try downwind with the larger board with more flotation such as a surfboard or a race board. These board help to keep floating even if the wind drops and provide buoyancy then a twin tip, in case the wind stops completely or your kite could not re-launch it.

Downwinders in a remote off location in Kalpitiya renders a sense of adventure with sightseeing if you are the game for this kind of sport. You can travel long distances with this but should be we aware that the wind can drop and leave you stranded at some lonely location. So, it is better to stay within swimming distance of the shore or have the complete arrangement for a boat backup.

Enjoy Downwinders with Valampuri Kite Resort’s Kitesurfing School

Valumpuri Resort is located on the banks of Kalpitiya lagoon. It has a kite center with separate kitesurf school Kalpitiya that renders downwinders recreation options to the tourist. The resort is located at a short boat ride distance from some of the best kitesurfing spots in Kalpitiya.

Whether you are a game for beginner level kitesurfing, an advanced level kite surfing or downwinder kite surfing lover, you can practice your riding style, work on wave riding skills or experience joining kalpitiya kitesurfing packages 2020 offered by the Valampuri kitesurfing School on most favorable downwinder’s destinations like:

  • Vellai Island
  • Dream Spot
  • Uchamunai
  • Ippanthivu

The Kitesurfing School with the resort takes you to the most amazing spots where you can enjoy kite surf training and free riding. It offers downwinders like no other where you will be taken from Kalpitiya down the wild and beautiful North-Western coast of Sri Lanka.

The windsurfer can enjoy breathtaking sceneries view which is hardly explored by the tourists. Also, the terrains keep on changing during the trip from large cliffs to arid landscapes and archaeological monuments and remote fishing villages along the way.

The nonstop kite playground offers you the opportunity to show off the skills you learned during your coaching sessions (rendered by professional coaches of Valampuri kitesurfing School) for downwinders kite surfing.

The water conditions also vary from minor flat to play full shores.

Click on the link below for more details, lesson kitesurfing Kalpitiya Sri Lanka and bookings:

Your Safety Our Motto

With our downwinder trip, there are several stops along the way for on the water briefings, to rest, check/change gear and to fuel up. For the entire trip duration, there is an expert land support crew and experienced boat support crew. This trip is guided by experienced IKO certified guides with first aid and rescue training.

So, game for downwinder kite surfing!

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