Facial Rejuvenation Safe, Effective Methods to Restore Your Face to a Youthful Look

The definition of rejuvenate is to restore to a youthful condition. Facial rejuvenation implies that the face will be restored to a younger state. True facial rejuventation treatments requires not only tightening or lifting of the skin but also rejuvenating the skin surface to a younger condition. I am sure you have seen people who have had a face lift but still have old looking facial skin and hands.Best Skin Hospital in Sirsa | Dermatology Treatment Hospitals & Doctors |  Cosmo care

Modern facial rejuvenation includes not only tightening the face but also restoring the facial skin to a youthful fresh look. Effective facial rejuvenation requires changing facial skin to a firm, blemish free, wrinkle free, soft, clear appearance. It is important that you understand the very sophisticated and complex facial rejuvenation methods that are used today and how they work. This knowledge will help you avoid disappointment and possibly a bad result or even a complication.

True facial rejuvenation is possible today but a successful result depends on the professionalism, knowledge and experience of your doctor. Yes, I sad doctor. Today’s facial rejuvenation technology and methods are sophisticated medical and surgical aesthetics procedures, and you need to view your facial rejuvenation as a part of your overall health care and fitness and wellness program.

Your local spa or beauty salon is no longer equipped to provide you with the latest medical grade skin treatments using prescription drugs, lasers, fillers and other effective anti-aging techniques. There is no such thing as a face lift in a jar or wrinkle cure lotion. Learn to become an expert in your knowledge of facial rejuvenation methods and a fully informed consumer.

What creates a youthful appearance?

There are many characteristics that impart a youthful fresh look to your face. Bright open eyes without wrinkles, bags and dark circles under the eyes, a high arched brow, a full high plump cheek, a firm smooth jaw line, a tight neck without fat and hanging skin, and full wrinkle free lips are important characteristics of a young face. Successful facial rejuvenation depends on an understanding of exactly what creates this youthful look.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and the first feature that people notice, followed by our lips and mouth. Unfortunately the eyes and lips are the first areas of our face to show signs of aging, often in our thirties or even earlier in people with thin skin or those who smoke. Young fresh looking eyes are an essential component of any facial rejuvenation effort.

Below are the aging changes we must correct to have a youthful appearance:

o Eyes-Correct wrinkles, loose skin, hooding of the eyes, bags and dark circles under the eyes, brown spots and crow’s feet.

o Lips-Remove lip wrinkles, correct thin or sagging lips, plump the lips, and shorten the space between the pink lip and nose.

o Mouth-camouflage or correct sagging skin around the mouth, nose to mouth lines (nasal labial fold), mouth to chin lines (marionette lines), and whiten teeth for a young looking smile.

o Chin-Remove chin wrinkles, shrink large pores, camouflage chin crease, and lift the sagging chin.

o Cheek-Plump or lift the cheek to a high position on the face, fill depressions high on the cheek below the eye, and remove wrinkles, brown spots, red spots and other skin aging changes.

o Brow-Lift the sagging brow to open the eyes and create a fresh bright look.

o Jaw line-tighten, lengthen, or smooth the jaw line skin. Camouflage, lift or remove jowls.

o Neck-Remove fat, eliminate a double chin, remove neck bands or turkey wattle and tighten the neck.

o Décolletage-The neck and décolletage are frequently noticed when people view our face, and yet this area is one of the most neglected when it comes to prevention of skin aging. Removal of brown spots, red spots and skin aging changes from the décolletage must be accomplished if you want to look young in today’s fashions.

o Cleavage-A woman’s cleavage has always been an important component of feminine beauty and sensuality. Clothing today reveals this area, and aging changes such as wrinkles and brown spots detract from a youthful look.

o Face Skin- Aging and sun damage make the skin look old. Brown spots, red spots (Telangiectasia), dry skin and wrinkles are classic signs of skin aging.

What are the best facial rejuvenation methods available today?

The methods available to achieve true, effective facial rejuvenation to a youthful appearance are modern, sophisticated medical and in some cases, surgical procedures. You need to find a trusted, experienced, board certified physician who specializes in aesthetic and anti-aging procedures if you are going to achieve a beautiful result that you will be happy with.

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