How to Pack Hatching Eggs for Shipping Through the Mail

Shipping hatching eggs can be tricky. When the idea of selling my chicken’s fertile hatching eggs by mail first came to mind, I asked many others how they shipped their eggs. Everybody had a different opinion, of course. I then started experimenting myself, eager to find my perfect packing system. I finally settled on this method, and have been very pleased with the result. Just this morning I received an email thanking me for fourteen eggs arriving safely, with no breaks. They were very happy, as I was originally shipping ten, and included four more in case the eggs had a rough trip.

I ship my eggs priority mail, so I use the free #7 large priority mail box. After assembling. I line the bottom with plastic packing material. You can easily substitute bubble wrap, but this works well for me.

Next, I put in my egg carton. I happen to have a large supply of the egg carton flats that can hold 2 ½ dozen eggs, and these fit securely in the priority box. If you only have a regular dozen carton, just put it in the center. I then carefully place my eggs in the carton pointed side down, as this is the same direction you will put the eggs in the incubator. After that I put in lot and lots of wood shavings. I prefer the shavings to bubble wrap because if there happens to be a break, the shavings will absorb the runny egg. I never use cedar shavings, as they are toxic to baby chicks! If you are using a regular egg carton, put in enough shavings to fill the top of the carton, and then close. Continue filling the box with shavings until you have covered the eggs by at least an inch.

If you use a carton flat, now is the time to put another on top, facing down. Push very gently to try to fill the holes up with the shavings. Finish filling the box with packing material all the way to the top. Close the box and put some tape on it just to hold it shut. Gently turn the box in your hands. If you hear a lot of movement you will need to reopen the box to put in mre shavings or packing. If all is quiet, you are ready to securely tape the box.

Make sure you write on all sides “Fragile – Hatching Eggs”, and “Handle With Care”. You are now ready to ship your eggs safely and securely. logistics app


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