Leadership Development is Essential in the Family Unit

About a week roughly ago, the news reported that there is a 50% high school dropout rate for inner city kids across America. funny family feud questions ‘d be lying if I said that I was shocked, because the family structure has been in disarray for years. Negative situations such as for example alcoholic and abusive parents, sons in prison, daughters struggling to improve their children without the the help of their children’s fathers, nieces prostituting themselves to make ends meet, and nephews living on the street due to a drug problem they can not kick are destroying our families and our society.

You can find so many negative issues facing the family unit today. Where are the family matriarchs and patriarchs of yesteryear? Are there role models in the family unit anymore? Where may be the leadership in the family unit?

Instead of worrying about what’s occurring outside the entry way, families need to get together and function as a unit behind closed doors. Family members need to create a culture of success, much like organizations (Microsoft or Pepsi) do. Those within the family which have achieved success (which is facilitated by leadership development) should lead this endeavor because they should have a better knowledge of what must be done to bring about a positive change in the family unit’s thinking and behavior. It really is up to these leaders within the household to teach their relatives how exactly to effectively pursue and achieve their goals. Only through repeated success by others within the family unit can success become the dominant culture for current members of the family and future generations.

Just think about your loved ones for a moment, there was a minumum of one instance where some family member demonstrated leadership you could model or use to inspire your greatness. Regardless of how dysfunctional your family may seem, there is usually a minumum of one member that you can look to for inspiration and guidance. It could just take you a bit of digging to find him/her. If you have no current family member that has demonstrated leadership that inspires you, then you may have to look to days gone by, that is fine. It’s worth your time and effort, so take a look.

What did you develop? Was it your great grandmother and great grandfather who immigrated to a America in search of an improved life for his or her family, your father who worked tirelessly to turn a mom and pop business into a family empire, your aunt who overcame an abusive relationship to be the first in the family to earn a college degree and purchase her very own home, or your cousin who beat his drug addiction and today speaks to at an increased risk youth concerning the pitfalls of substance abuse that inspires you?

Family such these have demonstrated their leadership through their triumphs. If they are still with us, it really is their duty to spread their leadership insights to members of the family that are willing to learn. If they are no longer with us, it is up to us to gather as much information regarding their life, struggles, and triumphs in order that we can learn from their leadership and use that knowledge as inspiration for our own leadership development. In either case, the goal is to gain leadership insights and pass them to other family members so that a culture of success could be created and instilled in every family members.

Some of you might pose the question-“Am I my brother’s keeper?” Well, the simple answer to this question is, yes. However, this is not to say that we should overburden or destroy ourselves so that they can uplift members of the family that don’t desire to help themselves. Nevertheless, it is our responsibility to help create a culture of success emphasizing personal
leadership development for every and every relative. If we don’t, who’ll? Furthermore, if we don’t, some or even all the negative situations that people discussed earlier may begin to destroy the ones that we hold dearest. Developing a culture of success predicated on leadership development will help to deter family from underachieving, as the sort of thinking and behavior that fosters negative situations will not be supported.

How come leadership development in the household unit needed for society? Leadership development in the household unit is vital for society because every family member has the possibility to be a major contributor or detractor to society. Society would much favour contributors (leaders) than detractors. For example, Joe Kennedy Sr. (former matriarch) of the Kennedy clan used his ambition and personal leadership as tools to create a political dynasty that has had a significant influence on society. Be confident, Mr. Kennedy had family in mind in every step along his pursuit of success, that is a major reason why the Kennedy family has been this type of major contributor to society through the years. We have to ask ourselves-What role do we want our family to have in influencing society? In answering this question, we should first acknowledge our family is influencing society negatively or positively whether it’s our intention or not.

We need to are more aware of the energy of the family unit. We must infuse our families with leadership. We must accept that it is the household unit that has the power to keep our children in school. It’s the family unit that has the energy to keep its members from drugs and alcohol. It is the family unit that has the energy to nurture, encourage, and inspire one another to greatness. However, for all of this that occurs, leaders within the family need to step up to the plate and begin creating the conditions for success. These leaders have to show the others how exactly to lead.

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